My Aim

This website was originally to make my own comics available to the world but now I really want to open my site up to other artists who want their works in a book and offer support for them as well as having an amazing collection of artist's works for people around the world to see and buy.

After selling my comics to every culture I can think of I've felt much more connected to a global arts community. One thing I've noticed from this is that artists come from all walks of life and even though they might make incredible artworks they might not have the opportunity to make the works in the forms they desire. I want to offer my time, skills and resources to artists from around the world so they can also put their works into comics and only have to tell people about it rather than worry about mailing and packing them.

I am very passionate about helping artists flourish and have already seen success for my artists in the short time since this has begun.

For artists that are interested in having their works on here or want to know more send me a message on my instagram or my email.

I'm always open to new ideas and feedback too so feel free to contact me about your thoughts.