About Dale Forward

Hello, my name is Dale Forward. I'm an artist from Newcastle, Australia. I'm 25 years old and have been drawing since I could hold a pen.

I love making visually stimulating artworks and seeing the reactions on peoples faces to them. I began with ink and making dark fantasy pieces inspired by the old masters like Durer, Goltzius, Bosch and Escher. As I delved more into their art my works developed into a style said to be a mix of Where The Wild Things Are or Beserk.

As time went on developing my craft I explored as many mediums as I could through my skill of the pen by designing album covers for people around the world, painted in houses, painted inside vans, designing shirts, make character sketches for D&D players, having multiple exhibitions around Newcastle and performing two-handed upside down drawing in markets.

My love of drawing has always been around the reactions which led me into creating interactive comics. I wanted something not to make people go wow but to make their whole life explode, to make them aware of the heart that beats inside them every day. I knew that I would need to pour every bit of knowledge I had about life, drawing and epicness into this so I used a technique for 3D glasses. It allows the wearer of the glasses to swap between eyes and get two images on one page.

This had so much potential and I tried to explore every facet of it through different ways people would swap eyes. You can see inside of goblin kings, see into the minds of royalty, see into the future and the past, watch a warrior beat another fighter to a pulp from your own actions. This is only scratching the surface. I can make you see beyond time and space, I can show you what it's like to see through two souls perspectives, you can experience what it means to not be able to trust what you see. 

For me, making these comics isn't a bit of fun to pass the time. I feel like it is my duty as an artist and human to create artworks that give power, creativity, love, insight and unity to the people of this world in the only way I know how. I love it too so that helps.

I am now in the process of offering my skills and tools available to me to create comics and softcover books for other artists around the world. I'm always look for new artists and am always open to new styles of works. So far I have artists from Australia, America, Germany and Peru with books available.

- Dale xx