HSING-I Dragon

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"Hsing-I ch'uan" means "Form-Intention Boxing". In this book Robert Allen Pittman demonstrates his deep knowledge of the martial art through detailed writing and photos with this text focusing on the Dragon form. Pittman gives information on the lineage, his background, application, perspectives and much more.

"Allen Pittman has been one of the premier figures in spreading Hsing – I to the West. His ongoing research into the system continues to uncover the deep tactical, historical, and esoteric knowledge embedded in the training. As an individual who stands astride both classical and modern martial arts, I find Pittman’s method provides the platform to keep this style alive and vital for future generations."
- Kyro R. Lantsberger – US Army veteran of Bosnia and Iraq, 25 years Hsing – I practicioner, Grappling/MMA coach

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