AR Hellfire Heroes


AR Hellfire Heroes is a deck of cards that uses augmented reality with each hero having a description of why they are famous or notorious. It's free to download and so far is only available for Android. (App for iOS is currently being worked on)

Download it here: App Link

Because of all phones being a little different I really want you to test the app before ordering the deck. In rare cases the app can be too intense so it can cause your phone to shutdown to avoid overheating.

Once you've downloaded the app, opening this page on your laptop or another phone/screen and point the camera to the images below. Only one card will work at a time to keep the app running fast.

Only one card can be shown at a time which helps keep the app running smoothly.

When using the app with the cards it wont work in low light so make sure youre in a well lit room. Occasionally moving the card or the phone a little can help it begin tracking.