My Apps

I'm a self-taught Android app developer using Unity and my laptop.

These are my apps.

Digitarot is a complete interactive digital tarot card deck with a description for each card and an option for three card spreads.
Google Play Link

Free Lite Version containing just the Major Arcana.
Google Play Link

My Augmented Reality Tarot card App
Google Play Link

Check if your phone can support AR:

AR Tarot info page

Buy the physical deck here:

AR Tarot Deck

AR Hellfire Heroes App
Google Play Link

Buy the physical deck here
AR Hellfire Heroes Deck

Google Play Link

This is a free collection of videos I made so you can use them to inspire new push up styles or remembering and combining movements. I made this as a personal project and I am by no means perfect with technique but it might be a good resource for you.