AR Tarot Deck

$49.99 USD

This deck contains 78 cards and a black velvet bag to hold them in. The cards use augmented reality technology through your phone to create 3D scenes of each card as well as a button that shows a description for each card. Includes free shipping worldwide and can take 4-5 weeks.

Download and test the app

Then open this link on your laptop and point your camera towards the images.

Due to funding I am still working on getting the app for IOS, message me if you'd like to support me or discuss something.

Digitarot App
I have also made a digital version of this tarot deck. You can download a free version showing just the Major Arcana which is called Digitarot Lite.

The full version of Digitarot is also available where you can create spreads 3 cards as well as see all Minor Arcana.

Models used are by Synty Studios.
Made in Unity.